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Anderton, England

Anderton Boat Lift

The world’s oldest boat lift is also known in the United Kingdom as the "Cathedral of the Canals" and one of the "Seven Wonders of the Waterways."
Ghajnsielem, Malta

Isolation Hospital

This abandoned building, which is the second-largest structure on the Maltese island of Comino, has a complicated past.
St. Paul's Bay, Malta

Malta Classic Car Collection

One Maltese man’s hobby became an extensive collection of restored automobiles, motoring paraphernalia, and antiques.
Żebbuġ, Malta

Xwejni Salt Pans

People have been making salt here using traditional methods for centuries.
London, England

George Inn

It may be a historic 17th-century coaching inn, but the George Inn still functions like a modern pub.
Birżebbuġa, Malta

Għar Dalam

The bones of prehistoric animals and early signs of human habitation have been found inside Malta's "cave of darkness."
Xagħra, Malta

Xerri’s Grotto

A small cave network was discovered under a home in Xagħra, in 1924 when the owner was digging a well.
Xagħra, Malta

Ninu’s Cave

In 1888, a resident of Xagħra, Malta, discovered a small underground chamber filled with stalactites and stalagmites when digging a well.
Gozo, Malta

Our Lady of Hope

One of Malta’s most popular beaches features a seemingly out-of-place statue of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.
Halifax, England

Shibden Hall

This centuries-old mansion was the home of the noted 19th-century diarist Anne Lister (aka “Gentleman Jack”).
Sliema, Malta

Roman Baths of Sliema

Despite the name, these small saltwater swimming pools have nothing to do with the Romans.
Kerċem, Malta

Gozo Aqueduct

This 19th-century aqueduct provides insights into how water was supplied to Victoria on the island of Gozo before modern plumbing.
Prestatyn, Wales

Roman Helmet

A sculpture of a partly-buried Roman helmet commemorates a North Wales town’s connection with its Roman past.
Cambridge, England

Fata Morgana Teahouse

The design of this seemingly translucent two-story tower in northwest Cambridge was inspired by an optical illusion.
Manchester, England

Temple 2000

A small statue shaped like the grill of a Rolls-Royce marks the suburban location where the company’s first automobiles were manufactured.
Cambridge, England

Jesus Green Lido

Cambridge’s century-old outdoor swimming pool is tied for being the longest pool in the United Kingdom, but it is also unusually narrow.
Columbus, Indiana

First Christian Church

The design of this modernist church was revolutionary when it was constructed in 1942.
Manchester, England

People’s History Museum

One of Manchester’s museums has gathered and preserved British political paraphernalia covering over 200 years.
Wincham, England

Ashton's and Neumann's Flashes

Formed by the collapse of salt mines and later used for dumping industrial waste, these lakes are now part an unusual, biodiverse parkland.
Hale, England

Hale Air Raid Siren

A rare World War II-era siren still survives in the southern suburbs of Manchester.
Manchester, England


Over 70 independent businesses have set up shop in this former Victorian department store.
Mexican Hat, Utah

Mexican Hat

This balancing rock is one of Utah's most unusual geological formations.
Mitaka, Japan

National Astronomy Observatory Japan Mitaka Campus

The headquarters of one of Japan’s leading astronomy research institutions features several historic observatory facilities and a 2,000-year-old burial mound.
Manchester, England

Rolls-Royce Reg. No. AX148

One of the oldest Rolls-Royce automobiles in existence, this vehicle was once driven by Henry Royce himself.