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Hindhead, England

The Sailor's Stone

This curious gravestone tells the legend of an unknown mariner's grisly murder.
Isle of Wight, England

The Durbar Room

This elaborate banquet hall in Queen Victoria's summer residence is an homage to Indian architecture, including miniature models of palaces in India.
Lisnagrave, Ireland

Dunlough Castle

The eerie remains of one of Ireland's oldest castles, said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who brings ill fate.
Isle of Wight, England

Ventnor Winter Gardens

In the 1930s, people used to take boats from the mainland to see this Art Deco venue.
Kladovo, Serbia

Fetislam Fortress

One of the most important fortresses along the Danube now lies in ruins.
Isle of Wight, England

Longshoreman's Museum

An unusual seafront museum hides behind an unassuming Ventnor giftshop.
Ruma, Serbia

Monument of Revolution in Ruma

A series of metal trumpets in the heart of Ruma represents the seven Vojvodina People's Liberation Brigades.
Ivanjica, Serbia

Monument of Revolution in Ivanjica

A large open-air Socialist Realist mosaic, considered the largest in Serbia.
Hisardžik, Serbia

Mileševac Fortress

This medieval fortress guards a monastery near the border of Serbia and Montenegro.
Belgrade, Serbia

Čukur Fountain

An eerie fountain commemorating the death of a boy that sparked a small war in the 19th century.
Bucharest, Romania

The House of Ceaușescu

The kitsch mansion of the former Romanian president Nicolae Ceaușescu features a golden bathroom.
Bucharest, Romania

Chiajna Monastery

Locals believe this abandoned ruin on the outskirts of Bucharest is haunted.
Mumbai, India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

An architectural marvel that combines Gothic architecture with Indian elements.
Belgrade, Serbia

Embassy of France in Belgrade

Arguably Belgrade's only example of pure Art Deco architecture.
Niksic, Montenegro

Monument to Fallen Fighters of WWII

An exquisite monument dedicated to fallen Partisan soldiers and anti-fascist fighters of Yugoslavia through symbols of gears and flowers.
Bucharest, Romania


A chemical factory damaged by two earthquakes and an explosion that became abandoned after bankruptcy.
Paris, France

Lempicka's Former Studio

Former home to Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka's dazzling Art Deco duplex studio.
Bucharest, Romania

Solacula Inn

An abandoned pasta factory in the centre of Bucharest, once home to Bulgarian revolutionaries and a hub of crime.
Belgrade, Serbia

Hotel Yugoslavia

One of Serbia's oldest luxury hotels and a nostalgic echo to Yugoslavia in the state's former capital.
Valencia, Spain

Fuente de la Pantera Rosa (Pink Panther Fountain)

A curious fountain that resembles a beloved character from the 1960s.
Pristina, Kosovo

Church of Christ the Saviour

An unfinished Serbian Orthodox church with 1,389 golden crosses planned to represent the Battle of Kosovo.
London, England

'The Cornerstone'

A quirky statue in Bermondsey made by 100 public participants with goggles, chisels, and mallets.
London, England

'The Seven Ages of Man'

A totem pole of heads to represent the different stages of life.
Deçan, Kosovo

Visoki Dečani Monastery

A monastery considered a state-protected cultural monument of exceptional importance, founded in the 14th century by Serbian King Stefan Dečanski.